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Welcome to Truverra

Truverra’s vision is to be a global leader in the development, production, and marketing of hemp and cannabis derived medicinal products with clinically proven efficacy.

Truverra Europe

Truverra Inc.’s operates an e-commerce store called Truverra Europe. Located in the Netherlands, Truverra Europe sells a broad portfolio of hemp-based CBD products into select European markets.

All Truverra’s products contain a carefully measured quantity of clean and pure CBD oil drawn from whole Plant Hemp Extract. Our CBD oil is extracted from approved European hemp strains, using state of the art, non-aggressive extraction techniques and formulated together with naturally ingredients such as essential vitamins , minerals, flavonoids and terpenes. When you choose Truverra brand, you’re choosing a carefully formulated product, developed and produced by highly qualified experts in their field.

patient-centric collaboration

Truverra recognizes that significant achievements depend on partnership and collaboration, and we are committed to working with the best and brightest innovators in the medicinal cannabis eco-system. Our partner relationships with healthcare practitioners, researchers, academic institutions, advocacy groups and patients are built on a combination of fact-based research, collaboration and compassion.

At the core of everything we do is a simple goal: heal humanity. That focus drives our relationships with our medical partners as we pursue the development of solutions for our patients that improve their quality of life.