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CBD Capsules

100% Pure Organic

At Truverra, our CBD capsules and pills have been designed to add an element of convenience and ease-of-use to your daily CBD regime. Unlike CBD oils, which must be administered using a dropper (either directly under the tongue or consumed via a glass of water) our CBD capsules can conveniently be taken orally at any time of day, wherever you may find yourself. Made from prime European hemp, the CBD used in our capsules is extracted using state-of-the-art non-aggressive techniques that ensure a pure, high-quality product.

We provide free delivery on all of our CBD capsules for sale to UK addresses. If you’d like to discover more about CBD capsules and pills, check out our frequently asked questions here.

Learn more about our CBD capsules

What are CBD capsules?

Generally speaking, CBD capsules are easy-to-swallow and accurately measured doses of CBD oil, encapsulated in a soft soluble casings. These casings are usually made of gelatin, making these CBD pills perfect if you want to take them discreetly or on the move.

What are CBD capsules suitable for?

CBD tablets and capsules – such as our CBD Softgels – are ideal for busy people looking to continue their CBD intake on the go, as well as those with particularly demanding and stressful lives. As is the case with our range of CBD oil products administered using a dropper, CBD capsules are suitable for those looking for alternative methods of reducing stress and anxiety, as well as natural ways of treating insomnia and joint stiffness.

What are CBD capsules made of?

Our CBD Softgel capsules contain olive oil and pure, safe and clean CBD extract with the addition of beneficial terpenes. Unlike the majority of other Truverra products, our CBD capsules are not suitable for vegans as they contain gelatine.

How to use CBD capsules

Easy-to-swallow with accurately measured doses, CBD capsules should be taken with water. Always ensure that you read the instructions provided with our products before use and note that CBD capsules are not intended as a substitute for a well-balanced healthy diet. Our CBD Softgels are also not suitable for pregnant or nursing women.

How does CBD capsules work?

Our CBD capsules are designed to be easy and comfortable to swallow, delivering the same benefits of regular CBD oil without any taste, mess or hassle when it comes to measuring out the correct dosage. Delivered directly into the stomach, components contained within each capsule – including the prime European hemp extract and glycerine – may help to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as help to relieve pain and improve mobility in stiff joints.

How many CBD capsules should I take?

Always check the recommended dosage provided with CBD capsules, and don’t exceed the specified dose. When it comes to our CBD Softgels, one capsule should be taken three times a day with a glass of water.

Why choose Truverra?

At Truverra, we’re dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of excellent quality, safe and fully traceable hemp products and our CBD capsules and pills are no exception. Our CBD comes from prime European hemp strains and is drawn using non-aggressive techniques that ensure a superior product. When you choose a product from our range, you can be certain you’re getting something that has been formulated and produced to the highest quality standards.