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CBD Creams

100% Pure Organic

At Truverra, our range of CBD creams have been carefully developed with the specific needs of the user in mind. From our calming Allevius cream to our three Class 1 Medical Devices – Dermafortis, Dermaquet and Dermasidol, which are specifically formulated to help relieve the symptoms of common dermatological conditions including psoriasis, acne and eczema – these rigorously tested and CE marked products are designed to calm, soothe and relieve itchy skin.

We provide free delivery of all our CBD creams to UK addresses. We also offer delivery services to the Netherlands.

If you’d like to find out more about our range of CBD cream and want to learn more about these products, check out our list of frequently asked questions here.

Learn more about our CBD cream products

What is CBD cream?

Generally speaking, CBD creams are topical lotions and salves infused with the cannabidiol oil derived from hemp. These creams can be applied to the skin to either soothe the symptoms of irritating dermatological conditions or with the aim of reducing pain and inflammation in certain parts of the body.

What is CBD cream suitable for?

Our three Class 1 Medical Devices – Dermafortis, Dermaquet and Dermasidol – have been carefully designed to target and relieve the symptoms of psoriasis, acne and eczema respectively. Our Allevius CBD cream is suitable for anyone searching for temporary relief from minor aches and pains.

What is CBD cream made of?

Our entire range of CBD topical creams contains high-quality natural ingredients, including pure CBD oil drawn from approved European hemp strains. Our three Class 1 Medical Devices also make use of colloidal oatmeal as their active ingredient, which is particularly useful in helping to treat the symptoms of various skin conditions.

How to use CBD cream

With our CBD creams, a little tends to go a long way. When using our Allevius cream, apply a small amount to specific areas of the body where aches and minor pains are common.

When using one of our three Class 1 Medical Devices, simply use the pump to dispense a single dose and apply it in thin layers, focusing on problem spots of dry and itchy skin.

We recommend making sure that your skin is clean and dry before starting to apply CBD cream.

How does CBD cream work?

Our CBD creams all make use of a unique delivery system known as liposomal technology.  Liposomes are bubble-like structures which transport soothing ingredients deep into the epidermis to help correct imbalances in the skin and provide relief from irritating symptoms.

As well as soothing and moisturising affected areas, our CBD lotions also help to keep skin hydrated and reduce the threat of harmful bacteria causing further dermatological damage.

How much CBD cream should I apply?

When it comes to our three Class 1 Medical Devices, one pump – 0.25ml – will suffice for approximately 5cm x 10cm of skin.

Application of these creams can be repeated twice a day, and in severe cases, 10 doses can be used per application.

Non-medical CBD creams, such as our Allevious salve, can be used two to three times a day and should be applied in small bean-sized doses.

Why choose Truverra?

At Truverra, we’re dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of high quality, safe and innovative hemp derived products. Our CBD comes from approved European hemp strains and is drawn using non-aggressive extraction techniques that ensure a natural unadulterated finished product.

Our cosmetics and other products are made from carefully selected natural ingredients and feature a variety of essential vitamins and minerals.

When you choose from our range, you can be certain you’re getting something that has been formulated and produced to the highest quality standards.