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  • Containing CBD and vitamin D, Immuniol can help to support and contribute to the normal functioning of the body’s immune system.
  • Expertly formulated, the components within Immuniol are absorbed up to four times faster than those of traditional hemp oils thanks to advanced liposomal technology.
  • Designed to seamlessly complement a well-balanced diet, Immuniol is gluten-free and suitable for vegans.
  • The CBD we use comes exclusively from prime European hemp strains and is drawn using non-aggressive extraction techniques that result in a clean and pure product.
  • Immuniol is manufactured in the EU and is tested in third-party labs to ensure all relevant quality and safety standards are met.

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"… very happy with this product. It tasted a lot nicer than I thought it would. It seemed to have quite a strong smell when I opened it , but it mixes nicely with juice. I’ve tried quite a few supplements of this type as I’m a personal trainer, so for myself but also for clients. This one definitely seemed to help perk me up and reduce some fatigue after a long day working and exercising. I might try the CBD +vitamin C product next time round."


Immuniol: give your immune system a little boost…

Looking after your immune system isn’t always easy. However, ensuring you have enough vitamin D in your diet is one way to actively and effectively support the natural function of your body’s immune system. Our Immuniol CBD food supplement has been designed with this in mind, providing an easy and convenient way to get a boost of essential vitamin D and CBD.

With an orange flavour providing a zesty kick, this daily food supplement has been formulated specifically to support the natural function and balance of your body’s immune system. The key ingredients contained within this product are absorbed by the body and into the bloodstream up to four times faster than those of traditional CBD products thanks to advanced liposomal technology. This smart and efficient delivery system ensures each key ingredient can reach cells quickly, getting to work as soon as possible.

As with each of our CBD food supplements, Immuniol has been tested in third-party labs and is manufactured in the EU, ensuring you get a safe, clean and pure CBD product of the highest quality.

Making sure you’re getting enough Vitamin D in your diet is not always easy, especially when you live a busy life, but simply incorporating Immuniol into your daily health regime could make a big difference. Why not give this convenient supplement a go and experience the benefits for yourself? Your body’s immune system may just thank you for it!


Water, xylitol, lecithin (SOY), glycerol, Cureit® Curcumin, potassium sorbate, hemp extract, Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol), orange aroma.

Suggested usage and dosage information

Two separate 5ml doses of Immuniol can be taken each day. Unless otherwise advised by a healthcare professional, add it to a glass of water and drink normally or, alternatively, spoon directly into your mouth.

This product should be stored in a cool, dry place and used within two years of the date of manufacture. Once opened, Immuniol should be kept in a refrigerator and finished within two months.

Delivery information

As with all our food supplements that contain full spectrum hemp extract, we provide free delivery of Immuniol to UK addresses. All orders are tracked once shipped, giving you total control and added peace of mind.

Prime European Hemp

100% Natural (Non-GMO)

Herbicide & Pesticide Free

3rd Party Lab Tested


liposomal technology