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  • Containing a combination of CBD, melatonin and vitamin B6, Residiol has been expertly formulated to help your body relax, particularly before going to bed or after a long-haul flight to alleviate the symptoms of jet lag.
  • Designed to complement a well-balanced diet, Residiol is gluten-free and suitable for vegans.
  • Incredibly easy to use, Residiol comes in a 10ml drop bottle which makes the dosing process quick and simple.
  • The CBD used in this product comes exclusively from prime European hemp strains and is drawn using non-aggressive extraction techniques that result in a clean and pure final product.
  • Residiol is manufactured in the EU and is tested in third-party labs to ensure all relevant quality and safety standards are met.

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Residiol: a CBD supplement that encourages more restful sleep…

A good night’s sleep is vitally important. A lack of regular, good quality shuteye can not only lead to extreme fatigue, but also more serious health conditions including heart disease and memory issues. This is where Truverra comes in – our Residiol supplement can help to support a healthy sleep pattern and aid both your physical and psychological functions in the process.

The perfect companion if you struggle to drop off at night or if you’re a frequent long-haul flyer, Residiol employs all-natural ingredients including CBD extracted from prime European hemp strains, vitamin B6 and melatonin. This carefully formulated combination works to regulate the levels of certain hormones in your body, helping to ease feelings of anxiety and irritability, and producing a calming effect on the body to help promote a good night’s sleep.

Whether you suffer from insomnia and/or stress and anxiety that hinders your ability to fall asleep, or you’re regularly affected by the symptoms of jet lag after long-haul flights, Residiol may be able to help. Providing a welcome relief from unnecessary fatigue and tiredness – and even helping to prevent the potential secondary conditions that may develop due to a lack of sleep – CBD products are fast becoming a popular choice when it comes to natural sleep-promoting supplements.

To see why so many people are choosing to try CBD supplements and to experience the benefits for yourself, why not place your order today?


Water, lecithin (SOY), glycerol, hemp full plant extract, melatonin, vitamin B6.

Suggested usage and dosage information

Take 2ml of Residiol CBD oil 15 minutes before going to bed. Simply place the liquid directly into your mouth or add it to a glass of water, unless advised otherwise by a healthcare professional. Shake well before use.

Once opened, keep the oil in a refrigerator and consume within two months. Use within two years of the date of manufacture.

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Prime European Hemp

100% Natural (Non-GMO)

Herbicide & Pesticide Free

3rd Party Lab Tested